Racism as a governmental expedient

At my veterans group meeting today, the discussion got a little side tracked—as it often does—onto racism and prejudice.  I suppose that the recent goings on down in Florida had something to do with it even though the trial has been displaced on the news cycle by some English woman and her baby. (That didn’t come up at all—we might be a group of crazy old vets, but at least we still have some sane priorities.)  Anyway, one of the guys pointed out that it is not just white folk who are racist, that Blacks, and Hispanics, and all sorts of ethnic groups display their own racism.  It’s just in this country where that is never mentioned, and as prejudice as it might sound, it is only in this country where one group feels entitled to special treatment.  It got me to thinking back—I never remember having any prejudicial or racist thoughts growing up, and even through college, it was something that never entered my mind.  However, it was while in basic training that I became aware of racism and developed prejudice, not against a group, but a behavior.  It was, in fact some of the Black men—not all by any means—who were the ones using race as an advantage.  They were the guys who would jump the line at the mess hall, bully their way to the front, and use their blackness to demand and often get special treatment.  I witnessed this sort of behavior during my entire time in the military, and it is something I’ve remained aware of ever since.  It doesn’t stop, because our government has found it convenient to keep on promoting it.  Every official form I have ever filled out has the race question on it, and if in fact, a color blind society is the goal, there is no place for such questions.  I tend to check the box for other and write in HUMAN if possible.

This entire Zimmerman/Martin affair has clearly demonstrated just  how racist this country can still be, and in my opinion, it is people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and yes even the current occupier of the white house, who are inciting the racism.   If they weren’t doing so, instead of trying to incite racial violence over something that was not racial to begin with, they would be speaking out about the black on black violence that is rampant in many communities, including the president’s home of Chicago where some 700 young black residents are killed each year by other young black residents, Where is their outrage—how many of those young people could be Obama’s son, or him 35 years ago??  Why aren’t Jackson, Sharpton and the justice department inciting protests (riots) about that???  Seems to me, the simple answer is THAT does not fit the progressive agenda which is not about helping the black community find some self-respect and responsibility for its own well-being at all, but rather using that divide to keep people in this country pitted against one another.  The same agenda is evident in the 2nd amendment fight, the welfare/warfare (liberal/conservative) divide, and god only knows how many other divides that our political actors promote.  Equality is the last thing the powers that be in this country want, whether it is economic, social, or justice.  It is just too important to keep people all worked up about something other than what is really going on behind the curtain.  And the mainstream media, instead of calling out the government on its excesses as was its role once upon a time, is now complicit in those very excesses.

Washington’s creed—we will keep enough of you fed with toxic processed “food”, with enough nonsense entertainment to keep your intentionally barely educated minds occupied, and in turn, you will keep us in office where we can continue to fatten our own accounts at your expense, and do whatever we want to dismantle the freedoms you once upon a time enjoyed.

Anyway, that’s the way it looks to me here on the Hunker Down.


federal law–breakers

Just wondering–how is it that the person who’s primary duty is to enforce the law of the land, can break so many of those laws with, seemingly, impunity.  And what is it with the people of this country, and their ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES letting him, and other high and mighty officials of the executive branch, get away with said lawlessness.  Of course, most of those ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, are rather good at bending the law themselves, and even more disturbing, passing laws that have drastic effect on John Q., that they conveniently exempt themselves from. 

The problems this country faces are not ever going to be addressed, let alone fixed, from the top down, so isn’t it about time we start fixing them from the bottom up.  We the people need to work our state legislatures, giving them the balls to go after Washington.  After all, it is the people, through their respective states that hold the power of consent when it comes to establishing the government, and we in theory can withdraw that consent at any time. (see the declaration of independence)  It is one of the founding principles of this country, and those founding principles should not be so easily forgotten by we the people, and ignored by the powers that think they rule us.. But since the federal government got involved so deeply with public education, founding principles don’t seem to have any place in the curriculum anymore.  More important to teach our children how to take a meaningless test, and not teach the powers of rational thought.  A thinking population is the worst enemy of the totalitarian state.

Anyway, what we need to do is get our respective states to call for a new constitutional convention at which we can address the obvious failures within the current one, and reign in an out of control government by re-enforcing our inalienable rights as pointed out in the Bill of Rights, and by adding a few more additional restrictions on the different branches of the federal government.  Admittedly, a lot of folks will get hurt if we limit the welfare state, and end the warfare state, but by doing nothing, the end result will be even more harmful to our population and our future.

Think about it.



So I saw a little news item somewhere on the internet.  Seems like our congress, which can’t pull it’s head out of it’s collective ass long enough to do any significant work–which is just as well since they can’t do any harm if no bills are passing–has finally come together on a REALLY CRITICAL ISSUE.  They are giving us a new National Park, or Monument, or historic site, or maybe all three

On the Moon.  Is this true, or was I reading an Onion article??

If true, it certainly is symptomatic of the lame brainedness  that seems to over whelm Washington on a regular basis.  I mean, we spent a lot of money to send some guys up there to bring back a few pounds of moon dust, and leave a few piles of junk behind 40 years or so ago. (what about “take only pictures, leave only footprints”  of which I’m sure there are at least a few)

If true, I say good for congress–they finally have an issue they can wrap their tiny little minds around and get behind.  Never mind that it does absolutely nothing to address any of the important and complex issues our country is facing today, at least they are accomplishing SOMETHING.

Wonder when the ranger station is going to be built???



Kind of curious as to just how this works.  The Egyptian military arrests the democratically elected president and takes over the government—text book example of a military coup.  Now, federal law prevents our government from supplying any sort of economic aid including military aid to any country that has been the victim of such outrageous conduct on the part of the military,  BUT, seems like there are several f-16 fighter planes in the pipeline that are going to be delivered anyway, in spite of any old law.  Our government decides it can skirt it’s own law by merely calling the coup something else.  My understanding is that the administration has yet to decide exactly what to call the recent military take over, but they are not going to call it a military coup.

Appears to me that Lockheed’s profits are more important than some silly law, and that, in fact, should definitely tell us something about just who runs this country— And has been running the show ever since our own government was over thrown in a military/ CIA coup on 22 November 1963.  Don’t know how any rational, clear thinking person can accept any other explanation of what went down in Dallas nearly 50 years ago.  Oh sure, we still have elections, and two parties looking like idiots trying to point the finger of blame for our nation’s almost overwhelming domestic problems at each other, but in the long run, it doesn’t make any difference who wins–the military and security (internal and external) state are always the real winners.

Just got the weekly email from my representative bragging about the new farm bill–how it would reduce the budget, and save money.  By eliminating the funding for the food stamp program.  Bet Con Agra,  Monsanto, and all the other big agribusiness corporations will still be getting their subsidies.  Now, don’t get me wrong,  I’m not a big fan of the welfare state, but haven’t we spent the past 4 years or so expanding the food stamp program??  With real inflation and unemployment (see John Williams shadow stats website), it is obvious that this dreamland economy is only working for the top 10% and Washington (or do I repeat myself??) , and the rest of the nation is really having a hard go at it.  So we condition more and more folks to depend on their great white father for a marginal subsistence, and then pull the rug out from under them.  And we’ll cut social security by once again re-figuring how the cost of living index is calculated, and cut medicare and any other social program that real people have come to depend on..

Is this maybe intentional?? Calculated to drive the poor, who amount to 50% or more of our population, into extreme behavior so that martial law can be declared, and all those FEMA camps put to good use??  As a long time observer of Washington shenanigans, I’ve come to expect the worst possible outcome from anything Washington touches.  The military/industrial complex will keep getting their outrageous share of the pie.  Agribusiness, big Pharma, the incarceration/police complex, and Wall Street will all keep getting fat while the people will keep getting screwed.  Something is dreadfully wrong with our government’s priorities, and we the people are, in the long run, responsible for that.  WE HAVE LET THE MONSTER GROW UNHINDERED AND UNIMPEDED for so long now that it is truly out of anyone’s  control.

A great and wise American statesman, who BTW was a candidate for president several times,  has said that we have plenty of resources to deal with all our domestic problems, and honor all the promises we have made through the various social programs–we just need to allocate those resources differently.  All the money we waste overseas in our constant wars and support of “strongman” leaders needs to be used here at home.  Too bad that the PTB  made sure his message, if even heard, was mocked and ridiculed.  Too bad that the great flocks of American sheeple are so easily distracted by smoke and mirrors, and other nonsense that they have no clue as to what is about to happen to them.  Too bad we have fallen so far from the dreams of 1776 and those brave and honorable men who risked everything to throw off the chains of a government that in retrospect was rather benign compared to what we have saddled ourself with today.

Too bad, so sad


Don’t have a TV or radio here at

Don’t have a TV or radio here at the Hunker Down, so what news I get is admittedly a little slanted, although I do try to use multiple internet news sources and other web sites.  Have even gotten to where I keep the car radio off as well–living where I do makes one really appreciate silence in order to listen to what is going on around me.

Well, today I needed a few things from BW, and while I was in town stopped for some lunch at an excellent China buffet where CNN was on the TV mounter up in a corner of the room.  Couldn’t help but notice that the live broadcast and all the talking heads were going on about this trial down in Florida as if the outcome was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the world. (and what’s up with TV cameras in the court room anyway).  How many of our fellow citizens are glued to their screens watching this nonsense, how much money has been bet on the results???

Reminds me of a time when another huge empire was unraveling, and  “bread and circuses” was how the PTB back then kept the populous distracted from how radically their world was about to change.  The similarities to our little universe are astonishing.  The propaganda branch of the government, AKA the Main Stream Media, insulates those amongst us with little or no desire for the truth, from the stuff that rally matters, and gives them things like this trial, or another “Big Brother” controversy, or just who is going to win whatever talent contest might be happening.  And don’t forget their duty to our masters to keep us forever scared to death from the “boogieman du jour” so they can offer us “protection” in exchange for our freedom.

Meanwhile, up there inside the beltway where there seems to be a continuous revolving door between the military/industrial complex, security and financial industries, and government, the greatest transfer of public money (the taxes we working folk pay) to private pockets has been on going.  But like any parasite, when government gets out of hand, it can only kill it’s host and in so doing destroys itself.  Not a pretty thought eh??

Best I stop there and do something constructive.  The goats need tending to, and the bottle babies are starting to look for dinner.