Don’t have a TV or radio here at

Don’t have a TV or radio here at the Hunker Down, so what news I get is admittedly a little slanted, although I do try to use multiple internet news sources and other web sites.  Have even gotten to where I keep the car radio off as well–living where I do makes one really appreciate silence in order to listen to what is going on around me.

Well, today I needed a few things from BW, and while I was in town stopped for some lunch at an excellent China buffet where CNN was on the TV mounter up in a corner of the room.  Couldn’t help but notice that the live broadcast and all the talking heads were going on about this trial down in Florida as if the outcome was THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the world. (and what’s up with TV cameras in the court room anyway).  How many of our fellow citizens are glued to their screens watching this nonsense, how much money has been bet on the results???

Reminds me of a time when another huge empire was unraveling, and  “bread and circuses” was how the PTB back then kept the populous distracted from how radically their world was about to change.  The similarities to our little universe are astonishing.  The propaganda branch of the government, AKA the Main Stream Media, insulates those amongst us with little or no desire for the truth, from the stuff that rally matters, and gives them things like this trial, or another “Big Brother” controversy, or just who is going to win whatever talent contest might be happening.  And don’t forget their duty to our masters to keep us forever scared to death from the “boogieman du jour” so they can offer us “protection” in exchange for our freedom.

Meanwhile, up there inside the beltway where there seems to be a continuous revolving door between the military/industrial complex, security and financial industries, and government, the greatest transfer of public money (the taxes we working folk pay) to private pockets has been on going.  But like any parasite, when government gets out of hand, it can only kill it’s host and in so doing destroys itself.  Not a pretty thought eh??

Best I stop there and do something constructive.  The goats need tending to, and the bottle babies are starting to look for dinner.



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