So I saw a little news item somewhere on the internet.  Seems like our congress, which can’t pull it’s head out of it’s collective ass long enough to do any significant work–which is just as well since they can’t do any harm if no bills are passing–has finally come together on a REALLY CRITICAL ISSUE.  They are giving us a new National Park, or Monument, or historic site, or maybe all three

On the Moon.  Is this true, or was I reading an Onion article??

If true, it certainly is symptomatic of the lame brainedness  that seems to over whelm Washington on a regular basis.  I mean, we spent a lot of money to send some guys up there to bring back a few pounds of moon dust, and leave a few piles of junk behind 40 years or so ago. (what about “take only pictures, leave only footprints”  of which I’m sure there are at least a few)

If true, I say good for congress–they finally have an issue they can wrap their tiny little minds around and get behind.  Never mind that it does absolutely nothing to address any of the important and complex issues our country is facing today, at least they are accomplishing SOMETHING.

Wonder when the ranger station is going to be built???



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