federal law–breakers

Just wondering–how is it that the person who’s primary duty is to enforce the law of the land, can break so many of those laws with, seemingly, impunity.  And what is it with the people of this country, and their ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES letting him, and other high and mighty officials of the executive branch, get away with said lawlessness.  Of course, most of those ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, are rather good at bending the law themselves, and even more disturbing, passing laws that have drastic effect on John Q., that they conveniently exempt themselves from. 

The problems this country faces are not ever going to be addressed, let alone fixed, from the top down, so isn’t it about time we start fixing them from the bottom up.  We the people need to work our state legislatures, giving them the balls to go after Washington.  After all, it is the people, through their respective states that hold the power of consent when it comes to establishing the government, and we in theory can withdraw that consent at any time. (see the declaration of independence)  It is one of the founding principles of this country, and those founding principles should not be so easily forgotten by we the people, and ignored by the powers that think they rule us.. But since the federal government got involved so deeply with public education, founding principles don’t seem to have any place in the curriculum anymore.  More important to teach our children how to take a meaningless test, and not teach the powers of rational thought.  A thinking population is the worst enemy of the totalitarian state.

Anyway, what we need to do is get our respective states to call for a new constitutional convention at which we can address the obvious failures within the current one, and reign in an out of control government by re-enforcing our inalienable rights as pointed out in the Bill of Rights, and by adding a few more additional restrictions on the different branches of the federal government.  Admittedly, a lot of folks will get hurt if we limit the welfare state, and end the warfare state, but by doing nothing, the end result will be even more harmful to our population and our future.

Think about it.



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