Racism as a governmental expedient

At my veterans group meeting today, the discussion got a little side tracked—as it often does—onto racism and prejudice.  I suppose that the recent goings on down in Florida had something to do with it even though the trial has been displaced on the news cycle by some English woman and her baby. (That didn’t come up at all—we might be a group of crazy old vets, but at least we still have some sane priorities.)  Anyway, one of the guys pointed out that it is not just white folk who are racist, that Blacks, and Hispanics, and all sorts of ethnic groups display their own racism.  It’s just in this country where that is never mentioned, and as prejudice as it might sound, it is only in this country where one group feels entitled to special treatment.  It got me to thinking back—I never remember having any prejudicial or racist thoughts growing up, and even through college, it was something that never entered my mind.  However, it was while in basic training that I became aware of racism and developed prejudice, not against a group, but a behavior.  It was, in fact some of the Black men—not all by any means—who were the ones using race as an advantage.  They were the guys who would jump the line at the mess hall, bully their way to the front, and use their blackness to demand and often get special treatment.  I witnessed this sort of behavior during my entire time in the military, and it is something I’ve remained aware of ever since.  It doesn’t stop, because our government has found it convenient to keep on promoting it.  Every official form I have ever filled out has the race question on it, and if in fact, a color blind society is the goal, there is no place for such questions.  I tend to check the box for other and write in HUMAN if possible.

This entire Zimmerman/Martin affair has clearly demonstrated just  how racist this country can still be, and in my opinion, it is people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and yes even the current occupier of the white house, who are inciting the racism.   If they weren’t doing so, instead of trying to incite racial violence over something that was not racial to begin with, they would be speaking out about the black on black violence that is rampant in many communities, including the president’s home of Chicago where some 700 young black residents are killed each year by other young black residents, Where is their outrage—how many of those young people could be Obama’s son, or him 35 years ago??  Why aren’t Jackson, Sharpton and the justice department inciting protests (riots) about that???  Seems to me, the simple answer is THAT does not fit the progressive agenda which is not about helping the black community find some self-respect and responsibility for its own well-being at all, but rather using that divide to keep people in this country pitted against one another.  The same agenda is evident in the 2nd amendment fight, the welfare/warfare (liberal/conservative) divide, and god only knows how many other divides that our political actors promote.  Equality is the last thing the powers that be in this country want, whether it is economic, social, or justice.  It is just too important to keep people all worked up about something other than what is really going on behind the curtain.  And the mainstream media, instead of calling out the government on its excesses as was its role once upon a time, is now complicit in those very excesses.

Washington’s creed—we will keep enough of you fed with toxic processed “food”, with enough nonsense entertainment to keep your intentionally barely educated minds occupied, and in turn, you will keep us in office where we can continue to fatten our own accounts at your expense, and do whatever we want to dismantle the freedoms you once upon a time enjoyed.

Anyway, that’s the way it looks to me here on the Hunker Down.



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