I didn’t want to let this anniversary pass without comment—that is the 68th anniversary of the single most obscene and pointless example of state sponsored terrorism ever perpetuated on humanity.  On August 6, 1945 the United States of America dropped a bomb so devastating on the non-military town of Hiroshima, Japan; followed 3 days later by another over Nagasaki.  The claim, cemented in history, that the action was necessary to end the war (WWII) and save many American lives was in fact an outright lie—Japan was in the process of negotiating surrender terms, and the war was, in effect, already over when the bombs were dropped.  The reaction across America, and the rest of a war weary world was one of horror that the US military would use such a powerful and destructive weapon for no strategic purpose against what were primarily civilian populations—killing tens of thousands of Japanize women and children.

Now committing acts of terror against women and children—civilian populations– has a long and honorable history by the United States.  The Europeans who first settled on his continent (both in the north and the south) had no qualms when it came to killing entire villages and communities of the native population.  Lincoln essentially made it part of the US military strategy when he sent Sherman on his scorched earth march across Georgia, and another similar campaign down through the Shenandoah valley of central Virginia.  As weapon technology grew stronger, the number of dead from these terror attacks grew larger and larger.  The fire bombings of Dresden, and Tokyo were attacks meant to put the fear of god into the survivor’s hearts, and completely demoralize the civilian population in hopes of political change within their respective governments.  We also used terror campaigns against civilian populations in Vietnam, sponsored the rightwing death squads so common in Central America during the 70’s and 80’s, and destroyed the civilian infrastructure in Iraq in 91, leading to the deaths of some 100,000 children from disease contributed to by a lack of clean water, and embargoed medicine.

Now, we make war against and financially (and militarily) support the same terrorist organizations, depending on where they are located and who they are fighting at the time.  Today, it is Al Qaeda that is our “enemy” in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but our ally in the US backed revolutions in Libya, and currently Syria.  And, we have developed the ultimate terror weapon—the unmanned drone which can unleash death and destruction anywhere, anytime against anyone.

One cannot imagine how upsetting it is to realize that the United States I learned about in school was at best a myth, but more likely an outright lie.  Seem that the country that I love has been the biggest threat to world peace because of a government that is only responsible to the military – industrial complex and the big banks.  Or have I repeated myself???

Hypocracy at the highest level

Well it seems that Ed Snowden has finally been granted asylum in Russia, and has at long last gotten out of the Moscow airport.  I’m happy for him and wish him well.  We need more like him; otherwise we would never know what our government is up to. (Generally speaking, that would be NO GOOD)  However, it seems that a good number of folks in “high places” are pissed as hell, and are threatening Russia with all sorts of dire consequences for their humanitarian action.  You would think that Snowden had assassinated the president and his entire cabinet instead of just embarrassing them with his disclosure of their massive, illegal, unconstitutional snooping into the affairs of—most everybody.

Listen to some of the major idiots on Capitol Hill, like John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, and you would think that Russia’s decision to not extradite Snowden (we don’t have an extradition treaty with them anyway) was essentially an act of war.  Isn’t it time that these asshole blowhards are put out to pasture where they can’t keep doing damage to our country’s reputation.  What is it with the electorate here anyway when congress has less than a 20% approval rating, but an 80% re-election rate? Just demonstrates just how healthy a democracy we have when the odds are so stacked against any challenger, let alone an out sider.  Hell, all most of these guys (and gals) do is start raising money for their re-election campaign the day after the previous election is over.  They don’t give a damn for the people who keep putting them back in office.

So, Snowden, who has not been indicted of any crime—not even officially charged with any crime (and shouldn’t be in my opinion), and Washington acts like he is number one on the most wanted list, and they want to make an international incident out of Russia’s decision.  On the other hand, there is a little matter of some 27 CIA operatives who have not only been charged with a major crime (kidnapping, and rendering to Egypt an innocent Muslim clergyman), but tried in absentia and found guilty in an Italian court.  Our government has ignored any and every request by the Italian government to extradite these men and women to Italy to serve their sentences, and even made sure Panama, when one of those criminals was arrested there recently had the agent flown to the US before Italy could make an extradition request for him. Seems that our government won’t take a chance on any of its operatives speaking out in a court of law about all the illegal and just plain immoral actions our government has been engaged in for many years now.

Is it any wonder why our government is losing its good standing within the world community??  We claim to be fighting a war on terror, but we are, with our drones and black ops and multiple wars of aggression, the biggest sponsor of terrorism out there.  We claim that we want to bring democracy to all those backward parts of the world, and to make the world safe for democracy, but our covert actions meant to over throw democratically elected governments that don’t fit our agendas gives lie to those statements.  We claim to be ally to many western governments, but recent disclosures just prove that we just manipulate and use those other governments to our own ends.

A playground bully can only buy friends for so long until even they get tired of his constant bullshit, and take him down.  If our government doesn’t wise up soon, it will be us against the rest of the world. Our ego, and hubris may think that’s alright, but it damn sure isn’t.  It is long past time for our government to grow up and start to play nice.


can you believe he said that???

What planet is John Kerry living on???   I understand that he made a statement today claiming that the Egyptian military did not take over the government—they were just re-establishing democracy.  Now, let me get this straight—the military arrests the duly elected president, replaces him with their choice of “civilian” leader, and say that they plan on new elections sometime in the next year.  What about this is not taking over, and not trampling all over what was billed as a new democratic beginning for Egypt only a year or so ago.  I suppose this is the “new speak” in which black is white, wrong is right, and the sun rises in the west.

I’m thinking that Morsi was starting to be worrisome to the powers that be, which in this case would be Israel, and their puppet, the great US of A.  Seems that the new Egyptian president, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, wasn’t willing to play ball with Israel in the same way our previous bought and paid for dictator did.  Can’t be having that sort of nonsense now, can we??  So—our CIA once again organizes protests and demonstrations and then has the Egyptian military pull of a coup d’état, and claim they were merely “re-establishing” democracy.

Now we (the USA) have a long and honorable history of supporting democracy by arraigning for the over throw of democratically elected governments we thought were not in our best interest —  then replacing them with a “strong man” dictatorship we could depend on to bend his country to our will as long as the money kept flowing, or until the people of those countries had enough and kicked the dictator out, or we were no longer getting our due respect and the behavior we were paying for and kicked the dictator out ourselves.  The list is long and wide spread across the globe, and goes back to at least 1954 when our CIA engineered the coup in Iran, the blow back from which is still biting us on the ass.

Interestingly enough, getting the Egyptian military to do our bidding is not a problem, since it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US government.  Of the 1.3 billion dollars we send to Egypt in an average year, more than a billion goes directly to the military.  Nice gig, eh??  Being an Egyptian general that is, while the average peasant in the country lives in abject poverty, one of the lowest standards of living in the entire mid-east.   Come to think of it, most of the money we send overseas is predominantly military in nature, and the attached strings amongst other things, make sure a sizable chunk of it comes back to our military/industrial complex—like the 3 F-16’s in the pipeline that couldn’t go to Egypt if what happened there was indeed a military coup.

Ah, the wonders of “new speak”