Hypocracy at the highest level

Well it seems that Ed Snowden has finally been granted asylum in Russia, and has at long last gotten out of the Moscow airport.  I’m happy for him and wish him well.  We need more like him; otherwise we would never know what our government is up to. (Generally speaking, that would be NO GOOD)  However, it seems that a good number of folks in “high places” are pissed as hell, and are threatening Russia with all sorts of dire consequences for their humanitarian action.  You would think that Snowden had assassinated the president and his entire cabinet instead of just embarrassing them with his disclosure of their massive, illegal, unconstitutional snooping into the affairs of—most everybody.

Listen to some of the major idiots on Capitol Hill, like John McCain, and Lindsey Graham, and you would think that Russia’s decision to not extradite Snowden (we don’t have an extradition treaty with them anyway) was essentially an act of war.  Isn’t it time that these asshole blowhards are put out to pasture where they can’t keep doing damage to our country’s reputation.  What is it with the electorate here anyway when congress has less than a 20% approval rating, but an 80% re-election rate? Just demonstrates just how healthy a democracy we have when the odds are so stacked against any challenger, let alone an out sider.  Hell, all most of these guys (and gals) do is start raising money for their re-election campaign the day after the previous election is over.  They don’t give a damn for the people who keep putting them back in office.

So, Snowden, who has not been indicted of any crime—not even officially charged with any crime (and shouldn’t be in my opinion), and Washington acts like he is number one on the most wanted list, and they want to make an international incident out of Russia’s decision.  On the other hand, there is a little matter of some 27 CIA operatives who have not only been charged with a major crime (kidnapping, and rendering to Egypt an innocent Muslim clergyman), but tried in absentia and found guilty in an Italian court.  Our government has ignored any and every request by the Italian government to extradite these men and women to Italy to serve their sentences, and even made sure Panama, when one of those criminals was arrested there recently had the agent flown to the US before Italy could make an extradition request for him. Seems that our government won’t take a chance on any of its operatives speaking out in a court of law about all the illegal and just plain immoral actions our government has been engaged in for many years now.

Is it any wonder why our government is losing its good standing within the world community??  We claim to be fighting a war on terror, but we are, with our drones and black ops and multiple wars of aggression, the biggest sponsor of terrorism out there.  We claim that we want to bring democracy to all those backward parts of the world, and to make the world safe for democracy, but our covert actions meant to over throw democratically elected governments that don’t fit our agendas gives lie to those statements.  We claim to be ally to many western governments, but recent disclosures just prove that we just manipulate and use those other governments to our own ends.

A playground bully can only buy friends for so long until even they get tired of his constant bullshit, and take him down.  If our government doesn’t wise up soon, it will be us against the rest of the world. Our ego, and hubris may think that’s alright, but it damn sure isn’t.  It is long past time for our government to grow up and start to play nice.


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