DeJa Vu–all over again

That’s a quote from my favorite “yogi”, and it sure is applicable to where we seem to be right now.   It’s like being stuck in a time warp, and we are right back to 02-03 and the lead up to that other little war that bit us on the ass so hard.  Does Washington never learn anything from it’s past MISTAKES??

So now we have Obombya wanting to set the cruse missiles  loose on Syria because someone let some saran gas get out of hand.  Of course, it had to be the EVIL DICTATOR Assad since those jolly Al-Nuesra rebels we fund, and who were caught with that very same gas in Turkey couldn’t possible have been the agents behind the release.  Guess they were too busy eating hearts and lungs to have the time to attack another group of civilians.

Kerry (the late lamented anti-war hero) is gung ho for the attack, and he assures us that the indisputable evidence is in hand–just don’t ask to see it unless you want to be re-directed to U-TUBE.  I guess he thinks too many “dancing with the stars” contests have passed since poor Collen Powell’s embarrassment in front of the world at the UN for us to remember that there is always indisputable evidence — since our government is in the business of fabricating what they think they need to sway the gullible public.

On the other hand, there is some credible reporting from the scene that the rebels themselves “accidentally” set off the gas bomb that had been given them by our buddies the Saudis –you remember the home country of almost all the,  9-11 terrorists–who neglected to provide any operating instructions with the bombs.  See:

for a non MSM accounting of what happened in the eyes of and from the mouths of those on the street when it did.  The article also points out the obvious lack of reality in our “official” version such as Cui Bono–who benefits.

It certainly would not be Assad and his forces since it had already been established that there was a “RED LINE”  However, the rebels also knew of said “RED LINE” , and since they have been recently getting their ass kicked by the government and pro-Assad forces, they desperately  need some help from the good old USA.

One might ask why we would be so anxious to stick our nose where it has no business being.  Well, it seems that since the end of WWII, that’s where it has always been stuck.  I’m thinking  that part of the world got sick and tired of it long ago, and I’m also thinking the good folks of this country have also had their fill.

Bottom line–it is time for our government to start thinking about the real consequences of our aggressive behavior, not just the “pie-in-the-sky” hopes our adventures are  (for public consumption anyway) based on.  It is time for us to stop feeding the insatiable beast that rules in DC, reel in our massive and growing empire of ultimate self destruction, and start using our vast resources for the benefit of the people here at home for a change.

If only!!!