I asked in a previous post if Washington DC is even capable of learning from past mistakes.  Apparently it can’t, or the Neocons who run the foreign policy (war all the time) never look back, and all of their past nonsense is relegated to the memory hole without nary a thought as they march merrily on to more and bigger blunders.

Putin saved Obama’s face by giving him an out from his “red” line on Syria.  Good thing, too as the American public let it be known load and clear that they were sick and tired of blowing hundreds of billions that we don’t have on wars of choice.  In fact, when was the last time this country engaged in a war of necessity, and not choice??  My guess–the revolution.  Every thing else has been a choice dictated by the bankers,  military supply chain, and, apparently a national (political) proclivity towards aggressive bullying of lesser folk.

Read David Stockman’s talk on the economic history of the last 100 years


and it is obvious that our unnecessary entrance into WWl  created all sorts of world wide economic disruptions that continued right on through the second World War, and are continuing because of repeated policies today

Well, putting that aside and moving on towards the topic at hand, after a small mention of the Iranian “peace plan” that too many stupid people want to fail since we need to aggress there too for no other reason than we want to.  Again that word choice is the operative term.  And since when do we let a foreign country dictate our policy??? Should not the acceptance of lobby money (read BRIBE) to influence votes be a crime??  And accepting that money from a foreign source (Israel) to vote in the best interest of that county rather than the best interest of the people of this country seems to me to be treason at the highest levels of government.

And now we arrive at the world today, which is dangerously close to becoming a world like we have never witnessed before.  I have written previously about John Kerry’s habit of using Orwellian “new speak”–up is down, black is white etc.  Well the fool out did himself this time when in reference to Russia taking exception to the USG sponsored coup in the Ukraine by calling dibs on Crimea, he had the gall to say that nations do not invade other sovereign nations on the basis of false accusations and national interests.  Can his memory be that short that he has no recollection of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria (support only–so far), let alone the travesty he tossed his ill-begotten medals  of “valor” over a fence in protest of.  The man has absolutely no business being the face out front of our foreign policy, and now he keeps poking the bear (along with his fearless leader) in a place dangerously close to the bears den.  Never, ever learning from mistakes.

Now Putin is certainly no saint–but then no government leader is.  But, in my opinion, he has more of a claim on Crimea than we do.  First, Crimea was part of Russia for a couple of hundred years (a long time in that part of the world for any area to be part of a country), until in 1954 a drunk Khrushchev magnanimously gave it to his home land —the Ukraine .  Second, Russia does in fact have a lease on the navel facilities at Sevastopol and it is their only warm water port (Is that the reason for our outrage–Ukraine, including Crimea, was to gently fall into the sphere of NATO which in turn would close the Russian Navy off from the Black Sea???)  And third, his response is to an illegal and violent coup that ousted a democratically elected constitutional government (now isn’t that familiar), that put a lot of ethnic Russians in jeopardy.

Admittedly, that government was a group of corrupt, pro Russia, thugs that the Ukrainian people suffered under, but then so was  the group of pro western thugs that previously governed and were ousted through the election process, and now have returned via a coup.  Isn’t it ironic (some would say hypocritical) for the biggest backer (in words only!!!) of democracy to come squarely down on the side of the coup perpetrators and against the over thrown democracy once again.  And to deny the validity of the Crimean referendum in which the people of that place voted overwhelmingly for a return to the arms of mother Russia–democracy in action—in order to keep them part of something they don’t want is down right obscene. In fact, we are denying the Crimean people the basic, god given rights that Jefferson so elegantly wrote of in the declaration of 1776. Any talk of national sovereignty being violated is just so much bullshit, since the international (political) borders in that part of the world shift like sand in the Sahara, and it is only a claimed violation of international law when others do what we do with impunity (can anyone say Kosovo???)

We have been pushing on the bear by breaking agreements made to keep Nato out of the Eastern block nations in exchange for a peaceful reunification of Germany and the dissolution of the USSR.  We keep crowding the bear by moving Nato, and missile “defense” closer and closer to the very borders of Russia itself.  We can’t seem to mind our own business (or quite possibly we believe it is all our business), and this attack on the bear, essentially in it’s lair, could be more of a mouthful than we can chew.

And the neocons march blissfully onward, without so much as a backwards glance, towards that mythical world of one (the USG) government.  Disaster, defeat, economic ruin no matter–we are the chosen ones–destined to rule (ruin) the world.